Become a Wet Hot Beauty!

Mermaids!  WHBs are on a high & dry hiatus this summer. Thinking and planning what’s next.

Sad face? We’d love you to join our Facebook social network – plenty of cool ways to be part of this vibrant bunch of people exploring girl power, liberation and strength of water.

Our 2017 full-length water ballet season at Parnell Baths for the Auckland Fringe Festival, Sea Change, was a great success. Marking an evolution in form for the Wet Hot Beauties, this time we told our own stories ­embarking on a journey of ideas, feelings and experiences that reflect what it is to be a modern woman. From the absurd to the intimate ­this was a celebration of us; a statement about who we are. The show was super fun, with our modern take on the art form of water ballet, with a rocking series of vignettes that created an emotional journey through music, sound and movement.

With a cast and crew of 120 this was Auckland’s feel-good sold-out hit of the summer.

No auditions. No experience necessary, yes commitment. Come find your inner urban mermaid next time – contact us below!

Want to know more about what water ballet is, WHB-styles?? Click here.

Sea Change